We strive to transform young generation from getting a job mindset to "Creator of Jobs"

An entrepreneurial mindset from Higher Education Background

How it Works?


We start with the “Entrepreneur Awareness Seminar” in a unique approach by interacting with the students for the first 15-20 mins of the overall session.

Once we get to know about their interests, then prioritizing their needs the session will be followed (We don’t follow a predefined topic, but a 100% guarantee to ensure the objective of the session is achieved.


Transformation happens only with a systematic methodology. Therefore, we invite them for permission-based connectivity through inbound emails, so that they will stay connected to the free content.

Through blog they will get to know about inspiring stories about startup founders journey from different ecosystems, tools which can help them to build their career, people who are constant will be connected with Quality Startups/Companies for summer internships.


We invite applications from the first year to all academic years of engineering and management students because we believe you are creative enough to be part of some aspiring entrepreneurial journey.

Caution : Quality is one of our prime intent, so we select students who are self-esteem, working on some practical things to share with Startups/Companies.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your target audience?

Every classroom has 1 to 5 percent of smart students which is common. Apart from them, the upper-mid and mid level students are the categories is our target audience. 

Why should the student follow awareal content?

The internet is full of information. We didn’t find anything specifically bridging this particular gap catering to college students when it comes to developing an entrepreneurial mindset. 

How does inspiring journeys of founders or startups can help students?

Students are the backbone of developing countries. If we can help to create a habit for students to read what kind of thought process evolves in a founder, how to identify problem statements, where to do the research, these things can start along with their academics parallel. 

On top of that, students actually get to know the opportunities where they can add value to the selected startups/ companies. As they get to know the technology stack, work culture, growth, risk-free failures to learn, etc.,

What is the duration of the summer internship?

General, it will be between 30 to 45 days. Whereas for a few colleges we customize as per the availability it can be 3 to 6 months or more. 

Are they paid internships?

We don’t deal in these financial matters. We offer complete control to the startups/ companies as per their policy standards, there will be a fair discussion during the selection process itself.

How does the selection process go?

As a startup, we ourselves love to experiment with different approaches in the first 3 years. Our prime concern is to find the right resource whom himself transforming with decent growth. Now don’t ask what’s decent growth in students – those are a few techniques to filter.

Do you or the startups/ companies charge anything from the student for summer internships?

Nope. We never allow such practices. We don’t encourage students who want to pay us for getting selected. Same with startups/ companies who ask for money or deposit from the student.